Episode 9: Near East Report


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How did AIPAC founder Isaiah Kenen use the Near East Report to keep score of Congress member votes that impacted Israel? Why did Kenen constantly call out the American Council for Judaism and Senator J. W. Fulbright in the Near East Report? What kinds of cartoons did the Near East Report run and how did they frame the plight of Palestinian refugees and Arabs? What role did Kenen play inserting Israel into "planks" of both major political parties? How did Kenen frame Israel's false flag terror attacks (Operation Susannah) against American targets in Egypt and subsequent Lavon Affair fallout? How did the Israeli-government-funded Jewish Agency secretly cover the costs of publishing the Near East Report? When did CNN superstar Wolf Blitzer work as an editor at the Near East Report and how did his approach differ from Kenen's? Podcast website: https://IRmep.org

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