How to Buy a Home


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Looking for answers - Can I buy a home? How do I even do this? When should I start planning? Where should a first-time home buyer start? Right here. Real information from a real expert with clear answers to end your confusion. Guidance from industry insider, me, David Sidoni, the #HowtoBuyaHomeGuy. I’ll give you the playbook on the do’s and do not’s of buying your first home. From planning for the big step even years ahead of time, all the way to the nitty-gritty of getting your keys. If you’ve felt clueless about where to start, you are not alone because the real estate industry has either ignored first-time home buyers or handed them off to novice agents with little training or expertise – and that sucks for you. So get the info, including the dirty little secrets of real estate that will help protect you; as well as the crucial tips to help you plan for the entire process step by step. Tools, tips, and techniques, from my personal experience working with over 115 successful first-timers (as of July 2021), and hear success stories from some of the over 500 listeners all over the country that used this podcast to guide them to their dream.

The real estate industry thinks first-time buyers suck, but I don’t. Get the ultimate “How To” that nobody with a clue is giving first-time home buyers. You deserve the truth. You deserve to be treated like the valued consumer that you are. If you’re sick of high rents, listen and you may find out you don’t have to be a renter as long as you think. Cut through the BS and end your confusion. You can do this!

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