138 - The Coder Mindset


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  • I’ve been plugging in Symfony events into the HTCW site when a user registers.
  • Due to being super busy I didn’t get to stream on Tuesday but I have done all the documentation for 6 of the 10 lessons in the course
  • I should be live on Twitch on Sunday

If I was to sum up the coder mindset in a single sentence:

If you were to boil down the essence of a programmer it would be to have a practical mind, attention to detail, the ability to think logically, to zone in and out of different scopes and the will to compete complex tasks without giving up.

Let’s break that down

Thinking practically

Practical thinking is important because it helps you solve real world problems.

Set clear goals and priotizing work. You can also use life experiences to help solve problems.

Attention to detail

This means you take pride in your work, you care about the small stuff as much as the big stuff. In programming bad things can happen from the smallest mistake.

The ability to think logically

Logical thinking is a skill that involves using reasoning in a way that allows an individual to come to a viable solution

This helps you re trace steps, think through puzzles and compartmentalise elements of a programs flow.

Logical thinking requires several reasoning skills and the ability to look at a situation objectively and work towards a solution based on the facts at hand.

Age shouldn’t be a factor when learning to code.

In fact the older you are the more life experiences you will be able to bring to the web development table.

There are lots of skills that are transferable which are very much required in professional web development. You may of gained some of this experiences in other jobs. Some of these skills may give you a distinct advantage over other web developers.

Programming is one of these things that no matter how old you are, if you get good at it, nothing can stop you.

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