141 - Web Development Guide for 2022


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Web Development Guide for 2022

  • Web assembly won’t replace JavaScript.
  • TypeScript won’t replace JavaScript.
  • GitHub actions won’t replace you.
  • Next.JS won’t replace PHP.
  • PHP won’t replace Python.
  • AWS will continue to build more stuff that you don’t need but will be require you to use it for unrelated but coupled tasks.
  • Google Cloud will keep playing catchup.
  • Docker will continue to be the containerisation tool of choice.
  • Podman will not replace Docker.
  • Microsoft will sell developer focused laptops. Dell has done this but Microsoft could bundle the laptops with pre installed developer software tools.
  • Microsoft will attempt to by a Linux laptop manufacturer.
  • Kubernetes will continue to dominate the cloud.
  • Web 3 will not replace web 2.
  • Web services that offer subscriptions will introduce their own block chains and wallets.
  • A games manufacturer will release their own wallet and coins/tokens which can be exchanged for in game purchases or game expansions.
  • Open source could be funded by crypto.
  • A Spotify like company that focuses solely on podcasts could pay artists/creators based on the number of listeners or listen time. This could be done via the blockchain.
  • We will see more JavaScript frameworks with "meta" and "web 3" buzzwords their titles.
  • More NPM hacks.
  • More developers will try and downsize their dependancies using micro frameworks.
  • GraphQL won’t replace REST.
  • NoSQL won’t replace relational databases.
  • Job requirements will start to require experience with the blockchain and dapps.
  • Serverless won’t replace servers but serverless technology will become more popular and it will be a sought after skill.
  • CI/CD will become the norm.
  • In the next Covid lockdown or the next set of restrictions, the job market will be better then it was during the first lockdown
  • Remote working will become the default for all levels of developer.
  • VR will improve but we won’t need to put a helmet on to go to a meeting.
  • FaceBook or Twitter will start selling promoted adverts with crypto currencies.
  • API’s will still be king.
  • Headless CMS’s will become more popular.

Let me know your thoughts or get something read out on air.

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