154 - 10 Tips for Continual Integration


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  • Speaking at PHP UG MN on Thursday so this is not a live podcast
  • On Sundays Twitch stream we re-built the first 5 lessons of the PHP login course. I’m planning to re-build the last four lessons on Monday on Twitch
  • On Tuesdays YouTube live stream we started planning the new PHP registration course.
  • Lots of experimenting with GitLab

10 tips for Continual Integration

  1. CI should take no more than 10 minutes
  2. Reverting the changes should take 10 minutes
  3. Use TDD if possible
  4. Keep commits simple and small
  5. Monitor the pipeline
  6. Don’t leave broken builds
  7. Run the pipeline locally first
  8. Keep your branches up to date
  9. Failures should be addressed immediately
  10. Don’t confuse CI with CD

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