160 - PHP Version Stats


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Change log

- I’ve started learning typescript as I want to convert all the HTCW JavaScript code into TS

- I’ve started playing with a Kubernetes playground for HTCW staging

- On Tuesday we started planning how to build the controllers for the PHP registration course HPDevOne Is now available to buy and some people already have them.

WWDC WWDC is this week.

I’m still digesting my thoughts on the announcements. I may talk about my opinions next week.


An ambitious project by Amarioguy who is attempting to run Windows on Apples M1 chip

PHP Version installs


Packagist stats

Package installations by PHP minor version, monthly

39% on 7.4 28th of Novembers 2022 - Security support

23% on 8.1

21% on 8.0

169 episodes