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  • Lots of bitty bugs which have prevented me for progressing on the Kubernetes side of the howtocodewell.net staging deployments
  • Lots of PHP packages on howtocodewell.net have been upgraded
  • I was able to play around with the API platform.


API platform tutorial with Symfony


How to store Symfony sessions in a database


What’s new with Composer 2.4


Question from Alex regrading the How To Code Well Discord bot


New to the web platform in June by Rachel Andrew


Reacts killer feature

Components can be shared between React and React Native.

  • Reduces the code size
  • Reduces specialised skill sets
  • Helps create boundaries for mobile and web applications
  • Unifies the code base
  • Reduces pressure on the HR for finding other skill sets
  • Makes T shaped teams that can switch contexts

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