169 - 5 things every contract Web Developer needs


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  • I am giving a talk to PHP Minds tonight. The talk is called Code with confidence using PHPCS
  • I’ve been working on the videoThumbnail component for the React website
  • No updates on deployment yet


PHPCS compatibility checker By Daniel Opitz


PHP Security Audit


PHP 8.1.9 is released


This isa bug fix release

PHP 8.2.0 Beta 2 is available for testing


Deprecated dynamic properties in PHP 8.2

AllowDynamicProperties attribute can be used to create dynamic properties


5 things every contract Web Developer needs

  1. Choose to go sole trader or LTD. Most larger companies need you to be a Limited company, get insurance, get an accountant, get a website.
  2. Record your expenses and income. Set time aside to do this every week if possible.
  3. Create a space in your house that is solely for work.
  4. Get a work only laptop and refresh it every 2 - 4 years.
  5. Secondary hardware. Get a decent printer, mouse, keyboard, web cam etc..

If you want to hear more about contracting in Web Development then let me know at https://howtocodewell.fm/contact

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