171 - Full time vs contractor web developer. 5 Reasons to be a contractor


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This contains

  • Kubernetes
  • Symfony
  • PHP 8

Full time vs contractor web developer. 5 Reasons to be a contractor

Lots of exposure to different ways of working

  • No two clients or projects are the same
  • Different tech stacks
  • Different processes and approaches
  • Lots of opportunities to gain more skills and experience


  • Work the way you want to work using the tools that you want to use
  • Drop in and out of projects when you’re needed
  • You don’t have to work if you don’t want too
  • Work from anywhere attitude
  • Have as much or as little holiday as you want

You are in charge of your progression

  • Know what skills you have and what areas you need to develop
  • Take training that matters to you rather than to the company
  • Have meeting that matter to you rather than the company


  • Whilst money isn’t everything, contractors are often on more money then the normal full time developers
  • Certain taxable benefits that you can use
  • Helps fund hardware/software and other business requirements

Being your own boss

  • Better work life balance
  • Total control over what project you’re working on
  • Total control over how much you pay yourself
  • Total control over when you’re on holiday
  • Total control over what you want to learn
  • Total control over who you work for

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