177 - Is WAMP, MAMP or LAMP enough to be a successfully web developer?


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Change log

  • The first build of the http://howtocodewell.net pre-production Docker image is making its way through the GitLab pipelines towards the Kubernetes clusters
  • The Code Quiz has paused for a week as I'm taking some time off.
  • The Code Quiz API now includes the Open API generator which will be used to generate type script for the API client
  • Lots of great pull requests being added to the Code Quiz open source project http://github.com/howToCodeWell/code-quiz

Feedback from Abu Sales on the Best PHP tools of 2018 - Top 5 video

Great for professionals, However, for amateurs as am I, MAMP as environment, and WeBuilder (buy) or Notepad++ (free) as Editor are more than enough to fly toward the mountain !

What is WAMP?

Windows Apache MySQL PHP

Install WAMP


What is MAMP?

Mac Apache MySQL PHP

Install MAMP


What is LAMP?

Linux Apache MySQL PHP, Python and/or Perl

How to install a LAMP stack


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