179 - PHP has 3 problems


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Code Quiz

- We now have a Next JS website. This is also running a Docker image. No React components yet.

- Docker compose files are now in the root directory

Contributions welcome: https://github.com/howToCodeWell/code-quiz

Ideas for the future

Store Quizzes in Markdown files instead of PHP fixtures

  1. Simplified - We have a single source of truth for code questions
  2. Future proofing - We can use code snippets in the questions

PHP has these three problems

  • PHP has too many BC breaks which is making library authors uncomfortable
  • Voting is too centralised. You have to be in 'the club' to vote on RFCs
  • Funding is an issue

I personally think that PHP should only introduce BC breaks if:

  1. There is a really good benefit in doing so.
  2. All BC breaks should have been mentioned in the RFC with examples.
  3. BC breaks are only allowed in major releases.
  4. There is a large deprecation window between major releases.
  5. Backward compatibility is important and should prioritised over new changes.

Voting is too centralised.

  • Mailing lists suck. There are better ways to manage communication in 2022
  • It does feel like an elitist club.
  • Follow the RFC guide here https://wiki.php.net/rfc/howto

Funding is a problem

  • Companies need to take PHP more seriously and pay for the communities time
  • Companies need understand that open source comes at a cost to both them and the community
  • Who pays for PHP https://thephp.cc/articles/who-pays-for-php

Google stadia is dead


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