183 - The federated web is not what you think


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Change log

I'm traveling in the coming weeks have bought myself

- Travel router GL-AXT1800

- Private internet access VPN

I will be talking about how I get on with these upon my return.

The federated web is not all sunshine and rainbows

What is the federated web


9 dark secrets of the federated web


Benefits of the federated web

  • Own your own data
  • Choose the community/server you care about
  • Support that community
  • Privacy benefits
    • No single company owns both the server and the client
  • No ads (Yet)
  • Competition
  • Open source
    • Trust in the code base
  • The network will survive if your server drops

Negatives of the federated web

  • Many servers, Many admins and many problems
  • Fragmented experiences
  • Duplicated data is unsafe data
  • Logs logs logs. At scale this isn’t cheap
  • Stay off the block chain
  • The admins are sysadmins not just community admins

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