195: How to Lose Money by Taking Venture Capital with Bob Fraser


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Bob Fraser is co-founder and CFO of Aspen Funds, a fund management company focused on mortgage investments. He has 20+ years’ experience as a finance and technology executive, and he is a magna cum laude UC Berkley computer scientist and a former Entrepreneur of the Year award winner. Before that in 1995, Mr. Fraser founded Net Sales Inc., a back office e-commerce provider. As a CEO, Mr. Fraser raised $44 million in investment capital and guided the company to an average of 20% month-to-month revenue growth, becoming the metro area’s fastest growing company between 1997 and 1999. Since 2002, Fraser has founded and served several non-profit organizations as a board member and a CFO. Fraser has also been involved in a number of entrepreneurial initiatives, including book publishing, financial consulting, and an investment fund managing member.

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