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We got a listener question from Jules, asking us ‘what careers or tertiary education choices can kids focus on with the view to aiding positive climate change action?’ Great question! In this episode we talk about what constitutes a ‘sustainable’ or ‘green’ job, discuss the automation threat (and opportunity) and chat about the circular economy.

Jobs you do with your hands are pretty safe for the immediate future - That includes permaculture, earth-building, conservation, waste-to-resource jobs and traditional tradie jobs. Also careers that involve so-called Left-side brain skills, such as people management and creative problem-solving. There’s also entirely new fields inside of STEM opening up for future and present technologies, including hardware and software.

We also discuss eco-friendly side hustles to supplement your income, career and training paths. We’ve even found free online aptitude tests to help start you thinking about what you may be best suited for.

World Economic Forum’s 2017 Future of Work report
Foundation for Young Australians’ New Work Order report (PDF)

NZ Productivity Commission’s 2020 report: Technological Change and The Future of Work (PDF)

Global Strategic Trends - The Future Starts Here video

Picking a career

Do What You Are book (Amazon link)
Free Career Tests
Green jobs list (UK)
Green jobs list (Australia)
Fastest growing green jobs
Jobs in electric vehicles (USA)

Job Vacancy Websites
Global Environment Jobs / USA Green Jobs / UK Green Jobs / Canada Good Work / Australia Green Jobs / NZ conservation jobs / Do Good Jobs NZ

Resource Recovery Training from the Zero Waste Network
Permaculture Design Certificate

Circular Economy

Circular Economy Resources (from Sustainable Business Network (SBN), New Zealand)
What is a circular economy? (SBN)
Emerging jobs in the circular economy (Greenbiz)
3 essential elements for future circular jobs (Greenbiz)

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