How To Save The Bees


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In this episode, Tim is joined by Margaret from Kiwimana Buzz and Jess from Bees Up Top to chat about how we save the bees!

Bees are an absolutely critical part of our environment and food chain but facing multiple pressures from human encroachment, industrial mono-culture food production and pesticide exposures, their numbers are in serious trouble.

Our top tips for helping the bees are planting a diverse range of flowers, herbs and spices in your garden (heritage, if possible) and avoid using pesticides. If you see swarming bees, google beekeepers in your area who'll be happy to help take them away. And consider putting a hive in your workplace or home! It's fun, helpful, educational and you'll get honey!

Kiwimana Buzz's website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Podcast
Kiwimana are beekeepers who have bees located in the wild west coast of Auckland, New Zealand. We teach, we sell beekeeping supplies and provide information to help you keep honey bees.

Bees Up Top's website / Instagram / Facebook
Bees Up Top aims to increase New Zealand’s bee population by supplying healthy, happy hives to urban areas and to educate our future generation on the importance of keeping our little workers around.

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