The Joy of Java


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After a lockdown/reopen period we're back with another argument.

WARNING: The recording dropped out half way thru, and… creative edits were made. Your ears have been warned.

  • Java 15 Ramp Down
  • Second preview of Records
  • Greg doesn't care for new JDKs whereas Mark wants to treat the JDK as "just a library/dependency"
  • Microservices
  • Reuse or no-reuse?
  • Both Hellidon and Micronaut recently released 2.0 releases of their modern JVM web stacks
  • HTTP Structured Headers
  • Roy Fieldings Misappropriated REST Dissertation
  • A toy JVM in AWK
  • Perl 7 Annoucement
  • A Tribute to Bill Shannon – A Giant of the Java Ecosystem

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