26: Amy Williams of Good Loop - Using Advertising For Social Change


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Amy Williams is the founder and CEO of Good-Loop which converts advertising money into charitable donations in a way that keeps the internet free and makes online advertising more effective, more rewarding and more ethical. Highlights of the episode:* How Amy met her cofounder* What is the biggest challenge for the ad industry* How to find your first big customer and scale* The importance of getting the right first customer* What's the catch?* The KitKat case studyTime Stamp:[1:14] Ads as a positive value exchange[4:10] 65% decrease in negative brand sentiment while and funding 300 school kids in Sierra Leone[7:30] Starting Good Loop without a tech backgound[12:00] Making impact and doing good[14:00] Biggest challenge of the ad industry[15:00] What is the big hairy audacious goal?[18:00] What is the catch?Useful links:Good Loop - [https://www.good-loop.com/](https://www.good-loop.com/)Amy Williams Linkedin -[https://www.linkedin.com/in/amy-williams-/](https://www.linkedin.com/in/amy-williams-/)

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