103: VEILS


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Join experiential journalist Rak Razam and his feminine counterpart, spiritual seeker Flora, author of the forthcoming Veils, a novel about a shamanic coming of age and working with 5-MeO-DMT. Flora and Razam share the same idea: that Source consciousness is alive and incarnating through the individuals awakening to it, in an active way... In a deeply synchronous meeting, Flora's novel is mirroring Razam's work and projects with 5-MeO: life mirrors art and art mirrors life... Listen as they discuss the ultimate surrender and opening to the Source, the Logos and living language, neural entanglement and how that reflects in the shamanic community working with sacraments, using EEG and neurofeedback to teach endogenous usage of 5MEO, how to communicate translinguistic realms, the parallels with mystics through history experiencing non-duals states, and exploring the idea: is God lonely, or is it feeding, breeding and making more of itself? All this and more in an unparalleled meeting of one mind in two bodies. Is this the way of the future? The interviewee, Flora, will be publishing her novel under the pseudonym Elettra Cavendish. Follow her on Twitter @elettracrack JOIN US! Subscribe to http://www.rakrazam.com and join the New Paradigm movement.... :) SUPPORTING ARTISTS SEED THE FUTURE IS VERY SEXY. IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR, HOW IT MAKES YOU THINK, WHO IT MAKES YOU FEEL, THEN DONATE RIGHT HERE, BUSTER!
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