03 El Cuchi Leguizamon


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Musician, pianist, composer, author and lawyer, el “Cuchi” was born in Salta on Sep 29, 1917. He made an important contribution to folklore music with zambas, chacareras & other compositions of novel melodies. He was a brilliant pianist but above all, a strict and self-learned composer of solid formation who recreated the musical styles of regional folklore. He collaborated with lyrics of Manuel Castilla, with Works such as "Balderrama", "La Pomeña" , "Zamba del Pañuelo" etc, and lyrics of Jaime Davalos He conducted the Dúo Salteño (Patricio Jiménez & Chacho Echenique). He is one of the best representatives of folklore composers. El "Cuchi" Leguizamón died in Salta on Sep 27, 2000.

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