Episode 16: “Deadpool” **UPDATE


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Godaddy. The home of our podcast had some trouble uploading the FULL episode last night. My guess is that our show is too damn AWESOME to handle.

NOT TO FEAR! Everything is back up and running. For the trouble, we’ve included an extended Director’s Cut Episode. So stay after the music Outro for the Bonus Content ;)

Our Geeks are joined by Your Friendly Neighborhood Deadpool Who we encountered at PHXCC 2011.

Hear the story on how we met and share the Geekiness!

In this episode we cover a CRAP, YES a CRAP Load of games. Dirt 3, Fear 3, Dungeon Siege 3, Duke Nukem Forever and more. Some are good and some are..well…S****!

Episode Duration: 59:00

Bonus Content: 12:00

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