Darius Mirshahzadeh - Iran, gas stations, nightclubs, Tony Hsieh, Elon Musk, wrestling and books


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Darius Mirshahzadeh is a serial entrepreneur and a bestselling author. He spent his childhood in Iran and the US and learned the core principles of business from watching his dad run gas stations. I loved the stories of him selling candy in school to starting a nightclub business in college. Although the nightclub failed, it taught him valuable lessons. We also talked about Tony Hsieh ( and Holacracy), Elon Musk ( and luck), wresting (and staying in the game), and the interesting story behind his book.

Here are the show notes :)

02:20 - My Story

03:12 - Culture, Leadership and Navy Seals

06:07 - Tony Hsieh, Holacracy and why it failed

9:28 - Iranians being the Italians of the middle east and childhood

11:22 - Lessons from my dad

13:09 - Running a candy business in school and a failed nightclub business in college

16:47 - Why I'd never start a nightclub business

18:43 - A good market hides all the dead bodies

23:00 - Wrestling is a sport where you get your ass kicked until you're good

25:08 - Elon Musk - luck and staying in the game long enough

29:17 - A keynote that turned into a book and why books are a 5-year time investment

31:31 - The Greatness Machine and podcasting

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