E33 AD: Wild Endeavors - The Glimmer of Glass (2019)


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This episode has a content warning for violence.

Wild Endeavors is an actual play audio drama set in a unique fantasy world.

Narrator & Producer — Thomas Marcetti — @WildEndeavors
Aliciria Galerine — Amy Johstono — @amy_johstono
Qunitus Orius — Devin Salisbury — @MrMundane117
Buttons — FX inspired by Jessica Marcetti
Magistar Tyros — Nick Feely — @RollPlusNick
Bar Thug — Evan Chamberlain — @Mr_Bishop010
Justicar Euclio Pavo — Adam Rogers — @NPCYouLater

Music by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
“Mystery Sax”
“On the Cool Side”
“Dances and Dames”
“Blue Ska”
“On the Ground”


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