inZanity S03E09


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Welcome to inZanity S03E09

Zany is gonna broaden musical perspectives and will take you all on an insane journey across all of hard dance music.

The podcast is all about the best hardstyle, early rave, jump, trap, rawstyle and even hardcore!

It doesn’t matter what genre a track is from, if it thumps Zany will add it to his podcast!

This month it’s all about the classics, so get ready for a nostalgasm!




00. Intro

01. Pavo & Zany - Porn (@h4_core)

02. Zany - Thugs (@wooddrill)

03. Zany - Science & Religion (Science Mix) (Roel Schutrups)

04. The Beholder meets DJ Zany - Midnight

05. A-Lusion - Veritas

06. Tatarola - Who Is Calling (Zenith DJ Edit) (@kienchuan_)

07. The Pitcher - I Just Can’t Stop

08. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Total Eclipz

09. Frontliner - Warphole

10. Psyko Punkz - 2 Follow

11. Williams Syndrome - Limbo (@manuelwnl)

12. Wasted Penguinz - Melancholia (Manja Schlegel)

13. Pavo - Communicate (@fanfan_janko)

14. Showtek ft. MC DV8 - Electronic Stereo-Phonic

15. The Beholder & Max Enforcer - The Preacher

16. B-Front - Neophobia

17. Crypsis - Strike

18. Digital Punk & Profyler - Dark Symphony

19. Shadowlands Terrorists - Shadowlands Anthem (Zany & Vince’s Zoveelste Remix)

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