How CM2 Achieves the Requirements of the EIA-649 Standard for CM


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In this episode, host Christ Anderson talks with Todd Egan, IpX VP of Field Operations, and Scott Wertel, IpX Chief of Engineering Excellence, on how CM2 achieves the requirements of the EIA-649 standard for CM. Learn the history of #configurationmanagement and EIA-649 and the benefits to implementing CM into your organization.
Hear Todd and Scott discuss:

  • Resistance to implementing CM inside an organization and overcoming objectives
  • How EIA-649 acts as the pillars of CM and a foundational element to CM2
  • How CM2 expands the focus of traditional CM to the enterprise with traceability across the entire product lifecycle and is industry agnostic
  • Recommendations on how companies are able to enhance their CM programs to prevent recalls
  • Training opportunities to start learning about EIA-649 and CM2

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