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Each week we bring stories of people once thought capable of love, but who turned into the worst kind of monster.....targeting, grooming, coercing, blackmailing, isolating and physically abusing their male partner. It is estimated that 4 out of 10 men are abused by a domestic partner, and this constitutes only 10% of reported cases. The stereotype that men are abusers and women are victims is false and dangerous. Abused men are alarmingly underserved and resources for help are minimal. Men are often disbelieved or humiliated if they attempt to report their abuse and feel completely isolated and alone in their terror. Heightened awareness of this struggle is long overdue.One in every two men have experienced coercive control by an intimate partner. Season two follows my brother, Mark Blaine, not his real name, and the relentless abuse, coercion, blackmail, fraud, denigration, loss of basic human rights, and so much more that he suffered at the hands of his wife. He is the reason we do this podcast, telling the story from the intimate perspective of words exchanged between the couple via e-mail. We hope to leave a legacy of how hard he tried, for years, to please his wife and hold his family together without success. His final act was carried out in such a way, he could not fail. This one’s for you baby brother, so everyone who knows you will know exactly what she did.

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