It Girl Radio Episode #39: Gabby Bernstein — Answering the Call to Coach & Spiritually Lead

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This week, on It Girl Radio, I’m excited to introduce, and be inspired by, New York Times best selling author, Gabrielle Bernstein. Her journey to becoming a spiritual leader, healer, and coach began when she made the life-altering choice to get sober. Gabby has a great energy and several key tips for becoming a coach.

Gabby started coaching by rallying New York women, and sharing her message of personal growth. Her efforts were authentic and snowballed over time. I appreciate Gabby’s fearless spirit; she openly shared her story from the very beginning.

Standing out in a fiercely competitive world is hard, but Gabby did it (and still does). Her secret is to keep an energy of service and inspiration behind each message.

I would highly encourage each of you to take advantage of Gabby’s free training. This digital training is a fantastic opportunity and can be found at Gabby’s training provides a framework for finding the confidence to share light and joy as a career.

This week, Gabby also shares with us a typical work day, and her exciting plans to be a mother.

In true Gabby fashion, she leaves us with excellent advice on the momentum our words can create. She also reminds us to lean into whatever we feel our calling may be, and bust the myth there are already enough people providing service to people looking for personal growth.

This episode is perfect for someone looking for guidance to embrace their story and find a way to bring more spirituality into their career.

Key Takeaways:

[:59] Gabby has released a free training for people looking to make an impact. This can be found at

[2:10] The transition from learning to teaching was quick for Gabby. As soon as she learned something she began sharing.

[5:00] Due to persistence, Gabby’s once small audience grew steadily. This success can be traced to her passion for growth and personal wellness.

[7:27] Gabby shares her excitement about her free Spirit Junkie Master training, find the training by following this link:

[7:44] In order to become an expert on something, you must simply do it.

[11:59] Money (charging for the service of coaching, healing, spiritual leading) is a reflection of the energy we are putting into the world.

[16:05] To stand out, the energy behind your message must not be an energy of neediness, but an energy of alignment and inspiration.

[22:20] Gabby breaks down what a regular day looks like for her.

[23:45] Be conscious of the language you use. Avoid using language that implies absence.

[27:07] There are far more people in need of coaching than there are people providing the service.

Mentioned in this Episode:

The Universe has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith, by Gabrielle Bernstein

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