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Why this show now?
  • I have gotten a taste of functional programming, and really like it, but Haskell is rough. Map, reduce, filter, slice.
  • I Need that extra little push to keep at it, so by producing this show, I’ve added a little bit of outside pressure to keep me on track.
  • The New Rustacean inspiration
  • Webassembly is coming
  • FrontEnd Masters
  • Lin Clark
  • webpack mozilla
So what is the podcast about?
  • Learning ELM as I learn ELM, each episode will focus on a particular part or topic of the language. We’ll start at the beginning together and slowly work up to more advanced topics as we go.
  • Show notes and exercises
  • Possible community interviews and resources
  • I like ELM Town, and would really like more podcast about ELM, rust, web assembly, and other cutting edge shows. If you know of any please drop me a message.
What is ELM
  • Elm compiles to JavaScript, so trying out Elm is easy.
  • Current version is 0.18.0
  • Quick History:
  • Unlike hand-written JavaScript, Elm code does not produce runtime exceptions in practice. Instead, Elm uses type inference to detect problems during compilation and give friendly hints.
  • Enforced Semantic Versioning. No more surprises in PATCH releases!
    • SemVer x.y.z
      • x stands for major version, breaking changes expected
      • y stands for minor version, NO breaking changes
      • z stands for patch, tiny update
  • Top Level Features
    • Immutability
    • Static types
    • Module System
    • Interoperability with HTML, CSS, and JS
    • Limits: does not have higher-kinder types, and thus cannot provide generic abstractions for many common operations, like map, apply, and fold. They are modules List.map, Dict.map
  • Installing Elm
    • elm-repl — play with Elm expressions
    • elm-reactor — get a project going quickly
    • elm-make — compile Elm code directly
    • elm-package — download packages

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