Jobbing Out August 6, 2020 (Marc Mero joins us & a strange callout)


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RAW Underground is here! Also, what the f*ck is RAW Underground? Have we ever spent an hour on RAW doing something that we STILL don't know what it is? Can it work somehow? Oh and what about our new faction? What is that, exactly? And Bray is attacking Alexa and Pat McAfee is in a match and...oh man, this is starting to sound like our "Happy Show." We DID get a surprise promo from a member of the Jobbing Out community. It was unexpected, to say the least. To wrap the show (1:21:52), former Intercontinental and US champ Marc Mero joined us to discuss getting to know late Baltimore sports superfan Mo Gaba, his new life as a motivational speaker, his experience with shoot-fighting, Johnny B Badd/Little Richard and more.

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