Jobbing Out May 7, 2020 (Rick Steiner & John Minadakis join, AJ's back to make MITB picks)


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BIG show! We come out of the gate with our friend John Minadakis from Jimmy's Famous Seafood hanging out to discuss how pro wrestling's favorite restaurant has held things together during the pandemic, why he enjoys what he's seen from AEW, the "Cody problem," the issues he's had with WWE's business and more. REALLY compelling stuff. After that (37:29), "The Main Event" is back. AJ joins us to make our WWE Money In The Bank picks-loser has a disgusting price to pay. And then (1:10:58), former WWF/WCW star Rick Steiner joined the show to discuss his son (Bronson Rechsteiner) signing with the Ravens, some old school memories, whether the Steiner Brothers could join the WWE Hall of Fame and much more.

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