Journey - Episode 66 - Guestmix by Milano


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This episode features tunes from Fulltone, Erdi Irmak’s remix of a Jelly for the Babies tune, Ben Bohmer, Nox Vahn, Dorian Craft and more. On the guestmix for this episode is Milano. Message from Milano: Don't go by what you see on social media. There is too much hype around for nothing out there and that reminds me of a good old saying "Empty vessels make more noise". Go by what makes you a happy person. Dance Music is an integral part of everyone's life now. You don't need any substance to spike it up. When it hits you it will hit you hard and that's the best feeling about it. Echoes of Earth 2019 -…alore/ET00109287 Follow Goos: Follow Milano: Follow Deep Dictionary Artwork by Hyphen Design -

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