26 - Rebecca Vaughan - The ABeeC's of Beekeeping


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After just a few minutes of speaking to Rebecca Vaughan you can tell she's head over heels in love with honeybees. As the manager of *only* 100 hives she is considered a hobbyist beekeeper. In addition to managing all those bees & working fulltime she also serves as a director & event coordinator for the Texas Beekeepers Association.

Beekeeping is such a natural fit for homesteading, so I asked Rebecca to join me today to answer some "newbee" questions. (see what I did there? haha) And if you're considering jumping into this bee-utiful hobby (I can't stop myself) & you live in the DFW area check out Rebecca's hands on beekeeping classes! If I lived closer to her I would sign up in a heartbeet (bwahaha)!

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