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In episode eight of the 2019 R&D season, Just Science interviews Dr. Igor Lednev, professor of Chemistry at the University of Albany, about using Raman Microspectroscopy and advanced statistics for detecting and characterizing gunshot residue. Raman Spectroscopy is known as one of the most selective spectroscopic techniques because of the unique structural fingerprint that it produces from a sample material. Dr. Igor Lednev and his team at the University of Albany are now using Raman Microspectroscopy to detect and characterize gunshot residue. Listen in as he explains how Raman Spectroscopy works and the impact it will have on gunshot residue analysis. If you are interested in emerging drug topics, please visit forensicCOE.org to learn more about the upcoming NIJ Policy and Practice Forum on July 18th and 19th. This forum will build off the momentum of the widespread stakeholder meetings convened to discuss the consequences of this national epidemic, including the impact it has had on public safety, public health, and the criminal justice response. You can attend in person or online. This season is funded by the National Institute of Justice’s Forensic Technology Center of Excellence.

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