Episode 3: Sacramento's Mayor Darrell Steinberg on homelessness in Sacramento...and more.


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This episode releases on the day following an historic vote by the Sacramento City Council on what steps are going to be taken to help relieve the homelessness problem in the the city. Not one to mince words on the topic, Mayor Steinberg hits it head on with his vision for the future and what necessary steps need to be taken now to ensure a cleaner city and the appropriate aid and support for those without shelter in the community. Brothers Brian and John Kabateck joust around some of the issues with the Mayor and also ask about his reflection on time served in the State Legislature as well as his views on the recall attempt of Governor Newsom. Fast questions always close the show and reveal a bit more of the personal side of their guests. Mayor Steinberg shares a few memories as well as favorites when it comes to music, meals and more.

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