Season 2: Week 30


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The guys get right to weigh-ins where KC loses everything.

2:00- DC’s Valentine’s Day sauna trip, complete with old man balls.

19:00- KC is actually 190 years old.

30:49- *MOVIE QUOTE*

30:57- KC is (and yet very much is NOT) a UFC heavyweight.

36:00- KC/DC Video Productions Presents: Nothing!

41:00- Dear Leaders have their Dear Praises sung.

48:30- STFU (Russian dogs/Russia talk)

57:00- More Russia: DC in Russia now, first condom buying.

1:05:05- Everyone’s Butterfly Effect Moment needing alteration.

1:11:00- News

* Canseco - Bigfoot Hunter for hire

* James’s Giant Peach

* Beware: Fat Tiger

* Murder-Pigs from, where else? - Russia

1:28:00- Plugs and free points and donations, Oh My!

Present day KC drove like 17 year old KC, his head belongs in a laboratory jar but I'll be dammed if he and DC didn't close out the show and do it, as always, like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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