14. Kieu Vien on encouraging discussions about corruption & shaping anti-corruption laws in Vietnam


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Kieu Vien, Founder and exec director towards transparency in Vietnam (https://towardstransparency.vn/en/) The interview begins by Kieu outlining a meaningful encounter with a woman who experienced the frustrating consequences of corruption first hand that sparked her to found towards transparency in 2007. First organization on corruption when it was still a taboo to work on anti-corruption which led her to found the NGO as a company. 1. Legislation meets international standards and is enforced 2. Ensuring that private sector practices adhere to integrity standards 3. Teaching youth youths integrity to enable long term anti-corruption movement 4. Promoting Open Governance How the work towards transparency has helped to reduce the taboo about corruption by encouraging discussions about corruption and building trust with many organizations such as Transparency International and even the Vietnamese government by a critical, constructive approach that relinquished from “naming and shaming” to allow actors to keep face. How the government followed the majority of Towards Transparency’s recommendations to enforce United Nations Convention against Corruption (https://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/treaties/CAC/). The challenge to motivate non-state actors to join the fight against corruption The most important aspects of the Vietnamese anti-corruption law. Introduced 2005, revised 2007, latest revision approved 2018 Also including private sector, preventive measures of conflict of interest, asset declaration of public officials.

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