Saints Row Preview Impressions & Final Fantasy 7 News Inbound - Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.18.22


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Blessing has seen more behind-closed-doors footage of Saints Row and is joined by Janet to talk about that, incoming Final Fantasy 7 news, and more!

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00:03:40 - Housekeeping

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00:08:02 - Saints Row Preview Round Up

00:24:12 - Final Fantasy 7 news is coming next month

00:36:41 - Ads

00:38:50 - Bungie’s CEO has SPOKEN about Sony

00:49:33 - Nintendo is now partly owned by Saudi Arabia

00:53:20 - CoD Warzone 2 details have seemingly been leaked

01:03:03 - Dead by Daylight is getting some cool crossovers

01:08:07 - Out today

01:10:00 - You‘re Wrong

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