The Feast Of Death & Feast Of Life


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The Feast of Death and Feast of Life In Matthew 14 we see the conflict between the way of life and the way of death displayed by two events, two social gatherings where people are immersed in one of these ways of existing . The way of death manifests itself in Herod’s birthday party, where the elites of society come to be entertained by John the Baptist’s head being displayed on a platter. The way of life is demonstrated in a deserted place, where the masses are hungry, and Jesus, who does not want to send them away, takes something small and transforms it into something beautiful that will bless all who seek Him. #death #life #Christ #Jesus #Herod #kingship #feedingthefivethousand #JohntheBaptist #Church #ChurchoftheNazarene #Pastor #Sermon #Podcast

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