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Kneeling Bull Magic Commercial and Talk Free Radio on Demand, FREE! New format, look for a new episode monthly. Even if your ears don't care for the taste, you'll happy with yourself that you tried something different. How this works: 1. Click on the "Play" tab and a small player window will open and begin playing the episode on your computer. 2. If you like the music, you can click on the "download" tab and select your music library to save file to - put it on your mp3 player or burn it on a disc (each of my episodes will fit on a 80 min/ 700MB recordable disc)to play when and where you want. 3. You can "subscribe" to the podcast, which means that each new episode will automatically show up in the podcast section of your music library. There are a couple problems that I've run into using the "subscribe" tab, so... ...I prefer number 2 option when I listen to other people's podcasts, I just download what I like. Please share with your friends, they'll appreciate it. And please, please, please leave comments. It seems I have a number of listeners but I rarely get any suggestions, questions or anything. If you download a podcast, just leave a little "thank-you" or "f-you" in the comments section. Or e-mail me directly at: Thanks and Praise, Glenn

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