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Sneakers 54 was established in 1976 when a group of friends got together and decided they had to do something about the lack of good West end clubs that played Jazz,Funk & Soul music. They found that in order to gain entry into clubs they would need to dress in suits, pay extortionate entrance fees, and then have to listen to pop music for hours until the DJ decided to play the odd Soul tune at the end of the night. Our next move was to hire venues in the West End and hold our own club nights playing the music we loved. The nights became more regular and we soon built up a following that had been looking for the same things as us; they wanted to listen and dance to the best in Jazz, Funk & Soul in a friendly and safe environment. We decided to name ourselves Sneakers 54 after the classic Jazz-Funk track by Sea Level , the one track which closely resembled the spectrum of music we most enjoy and play at our club nights. And we still believe ........it's all about the vinyl ! If you enjoy any of the music played here, please support the artists and buy their music ...Coz, without them we have no music ;-)

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