A Big Year for Women in the Game, Leaf Talk and the Survey Says...


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Full on isolation mode with no NHL hockey for almost 8 weeks. No worries, because Chris and Syl have so much to talk about! More and more women are getting high profile roles in hockey. In the past 9 months we've seen the hiring of the first female GM of a professional men's hockey team, the hiring of the first female pro-scout for an NHL team and the first female referees/officials working the NHL Rookie Tournament. Of course, we also have some Leaf talk with our thoughts on the signings of Barabanov and a couple of AHL depth players, contract talk with Zach Hyman and Freddie Andersen, and a review of a Leafs Fan Survey by James Mirtle of The Athletic. We give you our answers and debate some of the more interesting survey questions. With no games in sight for a while, we hope we can fill some of the void, and lift a bit of the boredom many of us fans are feeling.

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