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Happy Anniversary to us! Officially it’s on September 5th so, we are a few days early, but we need to keep things organized for our listeners--who are most important--and publish on our normal release day, the first Wednesday of the month.
In this special episode, we'll give our thoughts on the Kapanen deal.
We'll also take a longer look at some of the media availability comments after the qualifier and beyond, from Shanahan and Dubas, and discuss the direction we'd like to see the team go in terms of roster construction and moves. Dubbie ain't done yet!
In addition, we take a snapshot of our current player contracts (UFA, RFA and International), so LeafsNation can all keep tabs together on who may stay and who may go.
And finally, our BIG Anniversary Contest Announcement. Be sure to listen to the end to find out if you are our Winner!!

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