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Have you ever watched or attended a conference and been in awe of the speakers? How do they know so much information? How do they prepare a talk? How do they even get the courage to speak in the first place and what is that process like?

In this episode we’ll delve into all things conference talks. This is a very special episode because it’s our last episode this season. We’ve decided to release our podcast in seasons, which gives us more time to plan out our episodes and schedule guests ahead of time. We’ll be taking the month of December off and will be back with brand new episodes in January.

Show Notes

  • Our speaking experience - 1:31
  • What can I speak about? - 8:03
  • What is a CFP? - 11:51
  • Benefits of speaking - 17:22
  • Drawback of speaking - 19:53
  • Speaker fees - 24:19
  • Preparing your talk - 32:19
  • Speaking advice - 39:27
  • How do I get started? - 46:04

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