"Control King" (w/ BD Wong)


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He IS the blueprint. The "he" in question? BD Wong, babe. After some Grammy and Oscar nom thoughts, Las Culturistas welcome the truly hot king and *decorated* actor to the show to discuss his incredible career and more, darling. Acting in musical theater AND theme park ride waiting lines? Both covered. Jurassic Park AND Jurassic World? Obviously thoroughly discussed. Sitting across from Michelle Obama at a White House state dinner AND insight into Bryce Dallas Howard's leadership capabilities that will inspire you? Yeah, both of those, as absolute WELL! Also, BD talks about how A Chorus Line lit his fire long ago, community building amongst Asian actors, Sondheim's Pacific Overtures, and working with the all Asian cast of Nora From Queens (with...get this...Bowen Yang!). Also, BD's complicated feelings on his Law & Order role, an answer to the question, "was Li Shang attracted to Ping in Mulan?" and THOUGHTS about Donny Osmond singing his character's damn song. LET'S get down to business, indeed! BD is a fucking icon and TBH you're all welcome for this one!

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