8: Dare To Dream To Build A Technology Company. CEO and Founder Geetha Vallabhaneni


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The end of 2020 closes with this inspiring conversation with Geetha Vallabhaneni, Technology CEO and Founder. She has 18 years of computer science engineering and built her own software company, Luminix Inc., here in Silicon Valley, on her own dime! Her life lessons and experience growing up on a farm in rural India and coming to college here in America with only $500 in her pocket, is the all about her perseverance in her journey. Sound familiar to any Latinas or Latinos out there? To bring the relevance of her immigration journey as inspiration, she introduced President Obama at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, regarding immigration reform spearheaded by the California Strawberry Growers and how it needs to be fixed. We brought it all into this discussion, from human migration as an evolutional significance, to metaphysics! Yes, women can get together and nerd out on the meaning of life, have babies and build software companies! However, what we found in our conversation was the different meanings of entrepreneurship and how resilient we are as human beings by our risks and failures. You can read her entrepreneur's tale on her Luminix blog, it's like an epic movie playing out in your mind. Thank you Geetha for this inspiring conversation leading into a hopeful new decade. Gracias.

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