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From the balmy beaches of South Florida, LAX is a frame of mind above anything else. Joining creative forces is often a difficult task for artists, as so many aspects of the artform are viewed in a different light. However for Ronaldo Reyes & Derek Hasty (Mr. Hasty) the fusion seems to have been predestined. Both hailing from one of, if not the top nightlife scene in the states, the two possess a natural, almost familial bond to EDM, as their individual upbringings were laced with the sounds of 80's synths, 90's drum machines, and the now seemingly unstoppable 4x4 unz unz. Having both had residencies from the hottest and biggest clubs in Miami, the pair have decided to collaborate both in the studio, and behind the decks for their move to the West Coast. "LAX is about the direction we are headed in both individually and as a community." says Ronaldo. Derek adds, "It's a chance to introduce the music fans to the newer, deeper, underground sound, while maintaining and constantly refreshing the classic, percussion heavy House beats." The sound is definitely edgy, and is a huge reason to keep your ears open, and eyes peeled, as LAX is making its rise this summer.

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