10. Kathryn Kellogg - Trash is scary! Going Zero Waste.


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Happy Halloween everyone! I thought we could start the show today in Planet Money style with two numbers, 4.4 and zero. I’ll give you a second to guess their significance. Alright, ready? If you said that 4.4 is the average number of pounds that we Americans produce as waste on a daily basis, you’d be correct. Kinda scary isn’t it? As for zero, that’s the average amount of waste that Kathryn Kellogg (@goingzerowaste) produces annually! Kathryn is part of something called the Zero Waste Movement. It’s something that, frankly, I didn’t know was possible until very recently. I was curious to talk with Kathryn about how she’s able to live without producing trash. Does it mean living in a hut somewhere and growing all your own food? It turns out that’s not the case. Kathryn was able to break it down in a way that I found to be really accessible and applicable. It got me thinking differently about the things that I purchase and consume and I’ve even made some changes, (composting is the big one), that I’m really enjoying. This conversation really shifted what I thought was possible and left me feeling more empowered as an individual. I hope you enjoy it and if you decide to make any changes of you’re own, I’d love to hear about them! Let me know on twitter @lifedonediffrnt.

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