LIGHT TALK Episode 156 - "Our Epic 3rd Anniversary Show... with Jeff Ravitz"


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In this Epic 3rd Anniversary Show episode of LIGHT TALK, the Lumen Brothers welcome Legend of Light and Emmy Award winner Jeff Ravitz to the show! Join Jeff, David, Steve, and Stan as they pontificate about: Translating live stage lighting to television; Principles of lighting composition for multi-camera events; "Being all things to all cameras at all times"; Jeff's sharing his magic with a new book; "Drawing a straight line from here to eternity."; Small projects that bring great fulfillment; Working at Pompeii; Using VariLites on the Styx "Kilroy Was Here Tour"; Transforming theatre lighting to Rock n' Roll; Playing in Bar Bands; "Glass Tree"; Jeff's and David's Farfisa Mini Compact organs; Using LED in broadcast environments; Helping students cut the corners and helping their design process; Are young lighting designers ignoring gobos?; Being the Broadcast Lighting Consultant for Coachella; Wonderful mentors; Maintaining longtime relationships with artists; and working with Styx, Bruce Springsteen, and Steely Dan.

Nothing is Taboo, Nothing is Sacred, and Very Little Makes Sense.

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