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One afternoon in September 2016, Johanna Byström Sims, artist, Linda Wallenberg, curator, and Niklas Östholm, curator and writer, met at Johanna’s home in Sweden, and talked about Green Noise. About the project GREEN NOISE – TECHNOLOGY AND AGRICULTURE COMBINE IN ART PROJECT Konsthall Jönköping proudly present a new art project by the Swedish artist Johanna Byström Sims. Green Noise is a two-part art work, based on the green colors of the cultivated landscape. The Background Noise of the World is a sound piece performed in a farmer’s field outside Jönköping. The second part is a projected digital work, Reflectance of Green, presented at the agricultural fair, Elmia Lantbruk, and at Jönköping Cultural Centre. Green Noise reaches a new audience outside the city and outside traditional art venues. It evokes associations with traditional landscape painting, but also highlights how contemporary farming uses advanced technology in order to reduce environmental impact. The art project uses a technical device, the Yara N-Sensor, which is mounted on a tractor. Using sensors, it reads the green of the crops to spread the right amount of fertiliser in real-time. In her work Byström Sims translates the data from the sensor, and transforms the green color into both sound and image. Green Noise confronts us with an alternative, perhaps deeper, way of experiencing nature. The Green Noise project is curated by Swedish curator Linda Wallenberg, and is part of Konsthall Jönköping, a two-year art programme that aims to explore art projects in the publice realm. Konsthall Jönköping is run by Jönköping Municipality with the support of Region Jönköping.

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