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Live with Purpose Podcast with Nora Ayala Delgado is dedicated to women seeking to live a life full of purpose and passion. Nora is a Professional Certified Life Coach, trained in positive psychology and the self-coaching model, with a passion for others to reach their God-given potential. She began her own journey over four years ago at the onset of an auto immune disease, which inspired her own search for purpose and passion. Eventually, she challenged herself to try new things and what started as a daily devotional has evolved into a podcast dedicated to inspire, motivate, and encourage its listeners to make the necessary changes in their life so that they can live fulfilling lives. She addresses mind, body, and spirit and is unapologetic about sharing her trials, successes, learning experiences, as well as her faith. If you are a successful woman, raised your family, built your home, curated your career or are way on your way there, but feel that there is certainly more to life than these things, then you are in the right place. Join the thousands who tune in weekly to get pumped about the amazing life they we are meant to lead by divine design and get the tools to make it a reality.
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