How To Launch On Kickstarter In 2021! πŸš€ 5 - Steps To Raise $100,000+ With No Inventory!


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Wondering how to successfully launch your product idea on Kickstarter? Or if it's the right method for you? Is it better than an Amazon FBA launch? THIS is the video for you! Vance of Playground Theory breaks down the 5 Step method that his clients have used to raise $100,000+ for their product ideas (WITHOUT any inventory) – while building a real brand with raving fans. Learn more: What is Kickstarter? It's a crowdfunding website where brands can PRE-sell cool & unique product ideas to raise the funds for it to be made! it's a very effective tool that e-commerce entrepreneurs use to make big bucks! _ FOLLOW ME β€’ Instagram: β€’ Apple Podcasts: ​ β€’ Spotify: Watch the video version on YouTube:

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